Your Breaking Inside

Your Breaking Inside, Sometimes you just feel so broken inside even if your trying your best to be good for others and this is how I am feeling this week and I wanted to share this with you because I want to be raw and real here on this podcast.

But as always Love Yourself Self Lovers!

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Love Yourself Again

After going through depression it’s so damn hard to love yourself again.

All you want is to disappear and never get back up again. You simple had enough, there is nothing else matter and loving yourself is too much an effort but you deserve all the love and loving yourself again is a must in order to get back up.

It’s not so easy as doing it but you can do this!

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Hope this inspire you do awaken the warrior within that is waiting for you to unleash because you truly are an amazing being and if you anyone who needs this, please do share.

Thank you, Much Love


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You Are…Self Lovers Hoodies Out Now!

Lots of work has gone into these that I am proud of, it came from the topic, to recording the podcast, uploading it to the spreaker app, creating the images for our YouTube channel, creating a video for the Self Lovers YouTube Channel, doing some Story images to share on Social Media!

Lot of work still to be done, here is the link to our Store:

We have different colours to choose from!

Can you believe it, there is 16 episodes already and I can’t wait to bring more episodes to you!

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So grateful that I can share this with you and it’s my hope that it helps you as well as me to start Loving yourself again, to appreciate, to see, to embrace who you are and to let go of all the negative things that does not work for you.

Get excited, I have a new Book Idea for Self Lovers, look out for my post, for the link and how you can be the first to grab it when it’s done.

As I always say, Love Yourself first, Self Lovers 🥰

I am guilty

I am guilty of not loving myself, of not seeing my potential, of doubting myself, of letting others tell me that I’m not good enough, of thinking that others are right about me, of letting others tell me what to do with my life.

I am guilty of thinking so low of myself when I should have seen that I am more than those thoughts and of thinking that others has more power to tell me of what I should do with my life!

Yes I am guilty to the point that I loss my way, myself, my dreams and goals because I did not know that I have it all along inside of me to be more, to do more and to accomplish more!

So what are you guilty of….

As always love Yourself #selflovers & shine bright 🥰

PS: be kind to yourself 🥰

PPS: coming soon 🔜 Iam guilty podcast

Self Lovers Podcast

Self Lovers Podcast

Hey Self Lovers, finally found out how to upload my podcast on YouTube, it took a while but I’m happy with the outcome!

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Also, there’s over 10 episodes now, so excited, and of course thank you for listening to my podcast!

Love Yourself, Self Lovers

What if…you have nothing else to give?

What if…

Lately I have not been feeling well and I had to take time off from work. Not sure what is happening to my body as I though I am well but I think due to the nature of my work, and with the COVID going on right now, it’s inevitable that we have more work to do than usual.

This COVID-19 has affected so many of us that we just want it to go away forever but it’s taking it’s time and it’s no wonder that I am feeling the heat from it as well.

Try as I might to think positive about it, it’s not easy when we lost so many lives at my work, I can’t even imagine how the workers in the hospital dealt with all this. Let’s pray that it all go soon.

And as the weeks goes on, my body seems to be going through something that even the doctor can find, all the test shows that it’s all good but why am I feeling drained, week and basically have no energy to even go through my days.

Today all I want is to stay in bed and do nothing at all, feel like crying, so down and not motivated to do anything. But got to do a podcast that might help someone out there!

Here is my podcast!


Hope things get better soon as I have things I want to do and have goals to achieve.

Have a fabulous day and thank you for reading my blog,